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What is Come ‘n Try?

Come ‘n Try is an initiative that aims to assist sports and recreation organisations promote their sports and activities to children.

Who is 'Life. Be in it'?

'Life. Be in it' is a brand that promotes an active and healthy lifestyle. It started as an advertising campaign in the 1970s to stimulate exercise and an awareness of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. More recently, the brand has been associated with corporate events such as the be active Corporate Cup and is the brand attached to the sports centre at Unley High School. 'Life. Be in it' and its events and programs is managed in South Australia by Enventive, a not-for-profit event management and sports marketing company.

How does Come 'n Try work?

There will be a variety of sports offering Come 'n Try sessions all year round. Simply click on the sport or activity that your are interested in to find out more details. If there are no session times available, you can contact the activity provider for more information

Are the session free?

The cost of each session is determined by the activity provider. All Come 'n Try activity providers are to keep sessions at an affordable price.

Who is in charge?

'Life. Be in it' is responsible for the project, maintaining the website and all marketing initiatives. However, the activity provider is in charge of their own sessions. If you have a query about anything to do with the sport or activity or the Come 'n Try session please contact the activity provider. Their contact details are on their information pages . Otherwise you can contact 'Life. Be in it' on the contact page

How long are sessions?

This is dependent on the activity provider. Find out more information on the activity providers page.